Overall Perspective

All Christians have a vocation to become holy. This work, when taken seriously, with joy, with the involvement of the Holy Spirit, and in collaboration with the people that the Lord has placed in our community, allows us to experience a full life, the abundant life that is promised in Scripture.

One never absolutely reaches the goal to be holy, but one gets closer and closer each time that one takes advantage of the graces offered by God. (“Aim at that which is absolute, if you want to make progress in that which is relative”. Unamuno)

Each of us has a responsibility to discover, initiate, undertake and continue the task of becoming holy. This task requires more than a week or a month; it requires the rest of our lives. It does not matter if we are surgeons or janitors. It does not matter if we are poor or rich.

One aspect of this task is the ongoing dialogue with the Holy Spirit, which we originally received at our baptism, then in a fuller way, at our confirmation, and again, whenever the Lord sends him to us. The Holy Spirit connects us to the Father and the Son, in such a way that the three persons of the Trinity are continually praying inside of us.

It boils down to recognizing the reality of the great battle, in which each one of us is called to participate in and decide to begin our involvement with all our abilities and strengths, as we try to draw close to God, and turn away from the enemy. Typically, the field where these battles take place, is located in between our two ears, that is, within our own head, because we are born with an inclination toward sin. Another aspect of this battle, in addition to the struggle that each of us faces in our own person, is the duty to inform the rest of the world around of us this important reality.

We must recognize that this task requires reflection, personal prayer, examination of our lives: assessing where we are and where the Lord is calling us to go. And for this to take place, it is very important to be surrounded by a community that allows and encourages exchange: a place where we can express our feelings and thoughts, and also receive the same from the other members of the community.

We must also recognize that each of us is free to embrace or ignore this task. There are many paths that lead to nowhere, that is, they lead to waiting rooms where we are as in "suspended animation" where time passes (and we grow older) but we do not change, or even worse, we recede.

Saying it again, the result of participating in this great task is to live fully. It is the abundant life that Jesus promises us in the Scriptures

Note: Some of the above material has been inspired by, or adapted from, Para ser Persona by Xosé Manuel Domínguez Prieto