Managerial Issues

It is recommended that you select a member of the group as the Coordinator (which should be a rotating position, with a term lasting one year). This individual is responsible for communication and coordinating times to meet.

Your group is independent, yet it is beneficial to be connected to the rest of the parish, and specifically to other similar groups. This can be accomplished by having the Coordinator communicate regularly with someone in the church, let’s call him Advisor (a priest, deacon, or someone else), who knows about Spiritual Companions, and is also aware of your group. This Assessor, in addition to providing you with resources, might be helpful in making you aware of different formation and service opportunities. It is suggested that you invite him to your first meetings to solicit his help in getting started. The Advisor could also be a source of advice in case that someone in the group runs into problems/challenges. We recommend that you allow the Advisor to call you (i.e. the Coordinator) on a regular basis to ask you how things are going. Suggestions for the type of questions that you might be asked are included below (see Advisor Questions link).


Advisor Questions

Questions Asked by the Advisor to the group Coordinators

Discovering what Are my Gifts

We are still developing this resource.

Communicating and Sharing with Our Spanish-speaking Brothers

We suggest that you keep trying to learn Spanish, at least, try to understand it. Likewise, we ask our Spanish-speaking brothers, to continue trying to learn English. This would be the quickest way to be able to communicate each other: You speak to him in English and your Spanish-speaking brother will speak to you in Spanish.

Date of Last Update

Feb. 20, 2016