Spiritual Companions


Let me give you a warm welcome to explore this method that will help you to deepen your friendship with Jesus and also develop links between brothers and sisters who also want to grow in intimacy with the Lord. Undoubtedly, this kind of exchange has been used by the Lord to deepen my own friendship with Him.

The method is based on frequent exchanges (typically once per week), taking place in a small group (same gender) in an informal and trusting environment. It is recommended that each group be composed of three people. If three people are not available in the beginning, you start with two, with the intention of looking for another person to join the group.  If you are already a member of a group in the church, it is recommended that you try to recruit other people who are already members of the same church group. The other option is to invite a person who is not very involved in their church.

When one joins with others in order to help each other grow in friendship with God, great things happen. There is also great potential to develop friendships that will last the rest of their lives.

Typically, in this program two types of meetings occur. The first Sharing the Word of God , is focused on reading and sharing the biblical readings to be read on Sunday. Second, How is my Walk with the Lord, it aims to encourage your companion in their walk with the Lord. Oneself also is encouraged.

If you are interested in exploring this method, I suggested that you make an eight-week commitment to participate. After you have experienced the program for that period, then decide whether to continue or not. 

I hope and pray that your participation in this program will bring to you many  blessings. Matthew 18:20 tells us: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them".

It is important that at the beginning of each meeting, you pray to God asking him to send his Holy Spirit, and at the same time, give him permission to transform your hearts. Other biblical verses that support the benefits of this kind of exchange are included at the end of this page.

The link How to Get Started has suggestions on how to begin.

To get an overall perspective of how these interactions can enrich your life, click Overall Perspective.

Finally, there are certain behaviors that can negatively or positively impact the rest of the group members. The following link has varius suggestions: What to Avoid and what to Keep in Mind.

May God continue to bless you,

Deacon Ciso Macia


Biblical Verses

Proverbs 12:15 
A fool you think that their way is right, but a wise man listens to advice.

Proverbs 11:14 
For lack of government a nation is sinking, but is saved if there are many men of counsel.

Proverbs 19: 20-21 
Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise. 
There are many projects in the heart of man, but only the Lord's plan is carried out.

Psalm 1: 1-6 
Happy the man who follows not the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners, nor sits in the meeting of the wicked, but who delights in the law of the Lord and meditates day and night! He is like a tree planted by the waters tree, which bears fruit in due time, and whose leaves never wither: whatever you do will turn out well.

Proverbs 28:26 
He who trusts in himself is a fool, he who does wisely will be saved.

Proverbs 20:18 
The projects are secured with the advice and make war with strategy.

Acts 2:42
They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers.

James 5:16
Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The fervent prayer of a righteous person is very powerful.

Rom 2:10
love one another with mutual affection; anticipate one another in showing honor

Heb 3:13
Encourage yourselves daily while it is still “today,” so that none of you may grow hardened by the deceit of sin.

1 Cor 1:26
So what is to be done, brothers? When you assemble, one has a psalm, another an instruction, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Everything should be done for building up.

 2 Tim 2:2
And what you heard from me through many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will have the ability to teach others as well.

Gal 6:2
Bear one another’s burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Timothy 3: 16-17 
All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be perfect and be prepared to always good.

 1 Thes 5:11
Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, as indeed you do.

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