Questions to Facilitate Getting to Know One Another (Module 1)

Exchange / collaboration # 1 - Personal life:

1. Tell me where you were born.

2. Tell me about your childhood (talk about your early school life, friends, etc.)

3. Tell me about your immediate family (parents, siblings, spouse, children etc.)

Exchange / collaboration # 2 - Personal life:

1. What are you studying or what type of work do you do? Why did you choose that path?

2. Tell me about your hobbies and what you like to do with your free time.

3. Is there something in the area of work or hobbies that you would like to do different or more of?

Exchange / collaboration # 3 - Spiritual life:

1. Tell me about your history as a Catholic. Were you born in the Catholic faith or converted to it?

2. In your early years, was following the Catholic faith a personal wish or a family obligation?

3. Share some Catholic moments in your family from your childhood.

Exchange / collaboration # 4 - Spiritual life:

1. What drew you to the Catholic faith and what keeps you coming?

2. What is something you really love about the Catholic faith? Why?

3. Is there something in the Catholic faith that is a challenge for you? Why?

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