Suggestions and Motivation

How to begin?

The easiest way is to call the other person and introduce yourself. You might want to suggest a Zoom meeting is that is a possibility. And afterward, a face to face activity might be appropriate. Each person in the group should take a turn picking the type of activity for the particular day. We recommend that you choose something that you enjoy doing to share it with the rest of the group. The activity should provide opportunities to carry on a conversation. For that reason, a movie might not be a good choice, unless you can spend a significant amount of time talking about it afterward.
Examples include: Prepare a meal together / go for a walk or hike (when the weather is appropriate) / play a game of ping pong or pool

Things to avoid

Avoid to have one individual doing all the talking.
Take turns sharing and listening.
What is shared in confidence stays in confidence

Keep in mind the model used by St. Paul in his missionary outreach

If you look at the Epistles, you will notice that St. Paul always sends two two of his disciples together on the journey.

It is good if we become involved in each other’s lives. That is how to build community!

People really appreciate when they experience the love of the community through service. It is good to encourage and help out those in need.

We are united – we are part of the same family

We are Catholics. We have the same Father in Heaven. Jesus is our brother, so we are all brothers and sisters.vWe are We have the same Bishop and Pope

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