About JP2

Named in honor of John Henry Cardinal Newman, Newman Centers, are residence and Catholic ministry centers throughout the world. The centers provide pastoral services and ministries to their Catholic communities.

The John Paul 2 Catholic Newman Center is an outreach of the Diocese of Phoenix. In the Fall of 2006, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, seeking to serve Catholic students at ASU Polytechnic campus, appointed a chaplain, Fr. Michael Goodyear. Fr. Goodyear's effort was supported by Prof. Narciso ("Ciso") Macia, who has served as the faculty sponsor for the club.

The name, "John Paul 2" was chosen for the Newman Center, because of the late Pope's love for university students and his rich and academic teachings which continue to inspire young Catholics.

Meanwhile, Catholic and Non-Catholic students at the ASU Polytechnic campus have formed the John Paul 2 Catholic Newman Club which has been officially recognized by the university.

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Faculty Sponsor

Prof. Ciso Macia has been employed by ASU since the fall of 1990. In November of 2012, he was ordained a permanent deacon by Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted. Dcn. Ciso attends Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Queen Creek, where he serves as deacon. In addition, he also serves at Holy Cross Church in Mesa, Az.

Spiritual Companions 

Small groups are an excellent vehicle for growing in friendship with the Lord and with others. The John Paul 2 Catholic Newman Center encourages its members to form or join such a group, organized by Dcn. Ciso. For more information, go to the SC link above (or PE in Spanish), or contact Dcn. Ciso.

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